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Card Issue Fee

Blue (Virtual) card    Free
Silver Card    €10
Gold Card    €10
Black Card    €10

Annual Fee

Blue (Virtual) card    Free
Silver Card    Free
Gold Card    €50
Black Card    €100

Credit Limit (% of lodged crypto)

Blue (Virtual) card    N/A
Silver Card    35%
Gold Card    35%
Black Card    40%

Daily Spending Limit

Blue (Virtual) card    €1000
Silver Card    €2500
Gold Card    €5000
Black Card    €10000

Daily ATM Withdraw Limit

Blue (Virtual) card    N/A
Silver Card    €500
Gold Card    €750
Black Card    €1000

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There is no obligation to take the card. You will be offered a card when they are issued, but you can cancel your request any time. Cards will be Issued Commencing Q3 2018 but you can reserve one now. We'll only charge you the issue fee when your card is issued.

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